Mobilising the church for mission by forming fresh expressions

Who we are

The FESA Board and National Executive Team in 2017:

FESA Board and NET 2017

The National Executive Team:

SA and UK teams

National Executive: Philip Botha, Duncan Mclea, George Marchinkowski, Peter Adams, Christopher Harrison

Some of the SA’s and UK’s National Teams together

SA and UK Teams



To join God’s mission in the world to transform communities, through enabling the development of fresh expressions of church, alongside existing churches, in every place in Southern Africa.

Theological foundations of Fresh Expressions:  

Missional Theology is the backbone of FE

  • It all starts with the worship of the Triune God, Father, Son and Spirit. We exists to give God glory, which is the ultimate purpose of the church. This Worship of the Trinity includes obedience and participation in the mission of God is fundamental for a FE.
  • The Trinity is relational and God is community and forms us into community with God and with all other people.
  • God is also a missionary God. God’s missionary purposes are cosmic in scope, concerned with the restoration of all things, shalom, renewal of creation, the coming of the God’s Kingdom, and the redemption and development of the church.
  • Jesus Christ expressed this pioneering spirit when he came to the world to transform the world to reflect God’s Kingdom on earth as it is in Heaven.
  • The Spirit of God does new things and enables the church to be missional in different times and settings.
  • The Kingdom of God is at the foreground, and not the church. FE is not church centered, and is not first of all aimed at increasing the numbers, well-being or influence of the church as such, but to  participate in the mission of God. “The Church is the fruit of God’s mission, and that as such it exists to serve and to participate in the ongoing mission”
  • Incarnation and enculturation are central in FE. Enter culture and go/be  where and how the people are. Denial of the self is central for FE
  • Fresh expressions are signs of the Kingdom of God and must lead to the rule and presence of God in this world. Transformation of communities and society is the logic outcome and purpose of being church in the world.
  • We discern what God is doing and seek to join in and plan accordingly. The formation of an FE is a reaction to the way people respond to the seed of the Gospel through a wide variety of ways. Listening to culture and listening to God (gospel and church included) is essential in the process of discernment.

How we plan to do this:

Missional Partners:





Forming a network of networks






FE Missional Teams

We have formed national teams around strategy, communication, training, coaching, research, prayer and resources, which then in turn are reflected in the various Fresh Expressions Area Strategic Teams (FEASTs) around the country.

FESA is an NPC: Reg No. 2015/296755/08

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